Do you have students that struggle with engaging in instruction?  Does your staff feel discouraged and overwhelmed with problem behaviors in the classroom?  As an adminstrator are you worried about students with problematic behavior receiving FAPE in their Least Restrictive Environment?  Is a student's behavior causing severe concerns to staff?  - We can help!

Pinnacle Behavior Solutions, LLC. offers a variety of services to help meet the needs of educators and administrators.  We understand that each school culture is unique and a one-size-fits-all approach does not provide your staff and students with the tools they desire and deserve for success.  Whether you're looking for school-wide positive behavior supports, classroom management strategies, testing and assessment, or individualized support through a Functional Behavior Assessment, Pinnacle Behavior Solutions has the tools to support your needs.  

We understand that problem behaviors can drastically alter the culture in a classroom and hinder the success of the individual student, classroom peers, and the teaching staff.  When staff have received competent training on practical approaches to managing problem behaviors classroom success ensues.  Implementation of effective behavioral strategies will decrease problematic behaviors and increase instructional effectiveness, getting teachers back to the focus- learning.  

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